Cape Otway Walking Tours with Mark Brack

Mark Brack was born in the 1950's, the 10th and youngest child of Bob and Joan Brack. At the time Bob was the Lighthouse keeper of the Cape Otway Lighthouse.

Mark’s life as a young boy consisted of snorkelling, fishing, and bush walking around the lightstation. Due to no television, entertainment revolved around story telling that had been handed down from generations of light house keepers. He also read many books on the vast history of the area, maritime history, the Flora and Fauna and French colonization.

Mark has grown up in light houses around Australia and is part of the history of the lost world of light house keepers.

In 2007 Mark started the Cape Otway Walking Tours.


Joan proudly showing of 2 month old Mark at the back of number 2 quarters Cape Otway Lighthouse.   Just talking to the chooks next to the well.  Looking north, notice the vegetation.
Mark's first telegraph station tour.   Mark in front of the telegraph station.
Mark doing his first lighthouse tour.

  Mark aged 18 months  at the Cape Otway Lighthouse well. You can see the lighthouse in the background.
All the Brack children at Crayfish Bay.
from left to right:
Back: Robyn, Mark, Ray, Malcolm, Neville
Front: Wendy, Debbie, Marlene, Greg, David. 
  4 of the Brack children taking
dinner home.