Guest Comments - Peta and Friends
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Bimbj Park provided delightful environs in which to locate ourselves for day walks on the Great Ocean Walk. Surrounded by animal life especially the koalas allowed us to immediately unwind and soak in the atmosphere of the area.

Our cabins and all amenities were very well maintained and fully equipped. Frank and Katrina, our hosts, were very friendly and approachable always willingly to assist with any needs and plans for the day.

One can only marvel at the beauty encountered on the Great Ocean Walk. Truly magnificent Southern Ocean views, glorious sandy beaches, and mighty cliff top walks. All on clearly marked and a well maintained trail.
One will never forget as we walked toward the TWELVE APOSTLES on the last section of the trail from Princeton.
The views over spectacular Milanesia Beach and beyond, they took ones breath away.
The history and reflection as one walked the glorious and rugged WRECK BEACH.

Bimbi Park and The Great Ocean Walk are both places that draw you back for a second look and encounter.